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Jacadis- Strategic IT Security Solutions

Threats to your data never go away. Neither should your security partner.
Jacadis, based out of Hilliard, Ohio, is an award-winning provider of strategic information security, privacy solutions, and professional services. It grew from the concept that being secure creates a competitive advantage. We help companies manage the risks of running and growing a business in a threat-filled digital world through the development of long term profitable relationships. We also facilitate clients operationalizing their security, privacy and compliance through four services lines:


  • John Stern, VP & CIO
    Country Home Products

    As we transform from a Catalog Retailer to eBusiness Leader in the OPE industry, PCI Compliance and Security are of ever-growing importance to us. This is why we partner with Jacadis for our PCI and Security consulting needs.

    Not only is Jacadis expeditious and extremely well-organized, but they bring a perfect blend of Strategic, Tactical, and Practical observations which help us at each organizational level of our Company - Executive through IT Staff - to understand and address our PCI and Security challenges appropriately.

    One small example that really stands out for me of how Jacadis goes over and above - when first working with them, they voluntarily did an analysis of threats and security breaks in our industry without our asking, which really helped us gauge where we stand on the target vector. This is what I consider superb customer focus!

    I wholly recommend Jacadis for PCI and Security consulting.

  • Peter Stewart

    We are excited to have Jacadis as one of our Partners, as we share mutual goals of both solving client security challenges and providing outstanding customer service.  Their experience in information security and professional services is an excellent fit for selling and supporting TraceCSO.

Why Jacadis?

We are focused.

We operate a business focused on customer security, privacy and compliance challenges. Jacadis principals approach customer challenges with an average of 10 years of Security and IT experience, with certifications including the CISSP and CISA. We are also entrepreneurs who understand the choices that must be made to properly balance risk and reward.

We are standards based.

We believe in securing environments through leveraging the tremendous amount of rich reference material provided by the industry. An alphabet soup of standards and guidelines -- NIST, ISO, PCI, COBIT, OWASP, WASC, PTES - guide us in our work and allow us to leave behind safeguards, concepts and processes understood by others in the security industry.

We are process driven.

A healthy, effective security program must include a balance of people, policy, process, and technology safeguards, working together to prevent, detect, and respond to daily threats against critical assets and restricted data. This requires routine, consistent effort which we help clients realize through the introduction of security and operational processes as we help operationalize security, compliance and risk management into your business.

Steak & Learn Events

Tool Overviews for Your Business

Join us and our featured partners for steak and conversation as we present security toolsets, their capabilities, and business benefits at our favorite venue, Smith & Wollensky. Held at the Easton Towne Center, these lunches run just about an hour and give you the opportunity to network with other security professionals and business associates, as well as dialogue one-on-one with vendors and experts to help operationalize your furture security needs.

Technical Deep Dives

Sign up and sit back as you enjoy what Smith & Wollensky has to offer, enhancing the technical deep dive presentation and live demonstration relevant to the security topics and issues of the day. Our security professionals will walk you step by step into current and future exploits, attack vectors, and what you can do to minimize your exposure.
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  • FireMon
  • Fortinet
  • MaaS360

A business of any size that utilizes technology to serve just about any market grow requires a certain level of information security. It isn't a question of whether you need to protect your information infrastructure, but one of how much investment needs to be made given your risks.

Our original vision was to create a professional services firm capable of providing solutions right sized to any organization's needs across the spectrum of the market.

We've done that.

In our decade plus of service, we've served a crosscut of the economy from public to private to non-profit to government organizations. That crosscut includes significant work in retail, technology, higher education, government, health care and non-profits. And we've helped sole proprietors, large public institutions, government entities, emerging small businesses and large publicly traded corporations.

We can help you, too.

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