Who are we?

Jacadis | A Continuous Risk Management Company

Fifteen years ago, Jacadis began as an information security company. We installed firewalls, hardened web servers and conducted simple assessments. We believed that being secure, protecting your customers and your critical information, created competitive advantage and business opportunity. The “old days” were simple times.

Today, we have smart phones, Web 2.0, wireless networks (not to mention ways of organizing businesses), and, of course, an alphabet soup of rules and regulations. These days are certainly not simple days. We have changed with the times. We are a continuous risk management company.

We still believe that a secure, compliant business creates competitive advantage. We help companies manage the risks of running and growing a business in a threat-filled digital world. We facilitate clients operationalizing risk management into their standard business process by assessing their risk posture, working alongside to improve their environment and then staying with them to help safeguard their operation.

Threats to your data never go away. Neither should your security partner.

Our Leadership Team


Doug Davidson


Doug Davidson works with business leaders and executives who are nervous that their company’s critical data might be exposed and who want to ensure they are compliant with government rules and regulations. Doug’s passion is for business. Understanding information security and risk management in today’s world is a required business skill. Doug thrives on helping business leaders, executives and managers who have to run and grow their business in a complex, risky world and who need help understanding how security enables their business and protects it from threats. Doug specializes in working with emerging businesses as well as small and medium enterprises that are experiencing fast growth and need security even faster. Doug also works with clients experiencing similar issues in the non-profit and higher education markets. Doug’s passion for entrepreneurs and other business leader began when he was the Research Director at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and continued as he began his consulting career. Prior to becoming an information security auditor and consultant, Doug managed two technology firms as a President and was the national practice leader for a network and web services professional services firm. Doug has a BA in Public Administration. He studied at the Center for Advanced Study in Telecommunications at The Ohio State University and is a Certified Information Systems Auditor, currently serving the local Columbus ISACA chapter as its program chairman.

Grant Reveal

CTO / Services Manager

With a passion for information security and a background in operations management Grant brings to Jacadis the mix of skills to understand and manage information security solutions while understanding their operational impact throughout the organization. That perspective also gives Grant an important perspective on the value that team work, coordinate and supportive effort from a variety of skill sets, plays in protecting today’s company. Grant leads the company’s services delivery team with the perspective of operational excellence, technical skill and 20+ years’ experience which includes Global Fortune 500 experience as well as vertical expertise including; healthcare, legal, manufacturing, financial services, municipal government and higher education.