Kenna Vulnerability Threat Monitoring and Prioritization Platform

Kenna is a Vulnerability Threat Monitoring and Prioritization Platform designed for CIOs and IT departments who want to take their remediation programs to the next level. Kenna enables security management programs to identify likely attack vectors for criminals to access your network.

Kenna uses your own vulnerability scan data and Internet breach traffic each day. By comparing both personal vulnerabilities and growing Internet breach trends, Kenna allows security remediation teams to create the most accurate remediation plan possible. Major vulnerability publishing programs, such as CVE, need to process a high number of vulnerabilities in a short amount of time. Unfortunately this means that some high severity, yet rarely used, vulnerabilities may remain unpublished for some time. Kenna gives security teams visibilitiy to more vulnerabilities than your scanning software alone.


Applying any given patch will reduce the likelihood you will be breached by 2%. However by applying patches to exploits used on scripts like metasploit, security teams can increase that number up to 30%. Unfortunately it is nearly impossible for a team to monitor every script and exploit outlet. Let Kenna do it for you.

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