Overwatch: Staying on Top of Your Vulnerabilities

By January 9, 2014Security News

If you’re an information security professional, you know that managing your vulnerabilities in your environment isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon.

New vulnerabilities are discovered each day, and it isn’t enough for us to turn on Windows Updates and hope for the best. Attackers aren’t just looking at OS vulnerabilities. They’re also looking at the software you have on your desktop, that nifty app on your mobile phone, and the scripts you have running on your website.

It’s easy to get behind in your vulnerability management efforts. So how do you get the most out of the vulnerability management system sitting in your datacenter?

Jacadis has the answer: Overwatch.

Overwatch is a service that Jacadis provides to all of our customers who have purchased the QualysGuard Vulnerability Management system. We provide ongoing analysis of your vulnerabilities, and then deliver a concise monthly report summarizes the following:

  • The top ten vulnerabilities in your environment
  • The most vulnerable hosts on your network
  • Prioritized recommendations for system and application updates
  • Prioritized security issue alerts based on the latest vulnerabilities

In addition to the basic report, Overwatch can also help you with:

  • Weekly updates
  • Patching prioritization
  • Scan optimization
  • Mapping analysis and reviews
  • Reporting assistance
  • Compliance reviews
  • Web application assessments
  • Patching assistance

Having that second set of eyes on your environment will help you stay on top of your technical vulnerabilities. It will also help you better manage your remediation efforts.

Vulnerability management is a long road to run, but you don’t have to run it alone.

Josh Williams

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