Partner with Jacadis to get proven expertise in managing information security and compliance risks

The information security threat landscape changes daily. Most organizations do not have the dedicated staff or expertise to govern compliance, manage vulnerabilities, or mitigate threats leaving them vulnerable to attacks and regulators.

Why partner with the Jacadis team?

  • Jacadis is very strong technically. We know information security – that’s all we do.
    • Assessments: We assess your business technical environment. Is the information vulnerable? Is it secure? Is the organization compliant and effectively managing its information?
    • Improvements: After assessing your environment, we can help you make the necessary changes to get your information security in order. Our risk register, risk treatment plan and risk profile are key to the client looking to move forward in improving the company’s security posture.
    • Safeguards: Do you have a security partner you trust? We can stay with you. We utilize industry-leading monitoring tools, working with you to continue to identify and manage risks ongoing.
  • Potential Cost Savings from your current situation with competitive project and management rates.
  • Jacadis can team with you to strategize about how to manage your information security – working alongside our clients technical and security team to implement risk treatment recommendations – to give you a competitive edge.
  • We are your local training resource. Personal service is something we take pride in. We can train your people to be more thorough and effective with handling and managing technical information.

Let’s Talk

Let’s talk more about your specific needs and how Jacadis can help you with your information security and compliance goals.