Risk I/O Partners with Jacadis Strategic IT Security Solutions

By November 26, 2013Press Releases

New Partnership enables organizations to prioritize their remediation by identifying the most critical vulnerabilities in their environment

Columbus, OH November 26, 2013 – Risk I/O, a software-as-a-service platform that correlates external Internet breach and exploit data with vulnerability data to monitor, measure, and prioritize vulnerability remediation, has partnered with Strategic IT Security Solution company Jacadis to promote its vulnerability correlation, analysis, and prioritization application.

Jacadis will be introducing to their clients the range of risk and vulnerability intelligence solutions in Risk I/O’s portfolio, including real-time analysis of global attack and breach data, alongside security vulnerabilities, to help businesses identify where they are most likely to be attacked. The platform prioritizes vulnerabilities and provides customizable Risk Meters, allowing organizations to easily measure risk across their IT environments.

“We are very excited to be partnering with a trusted reseller such as Jacadis,” Ed Bellis, President and Cofounder of Risk I/O commented, “Jacadis will be able to now offer a way for their client network to identify where attacks are most likely to occur through a prioritized list of vulnerabilities to fix.”

Risk I/O strives to ensure that the automated vulnerability scanning solutions from web application, host, network, and database vulnerability assessment tools that it connects to align as closely as possible with solutions its audience has in place. Through a centralized, easy-to-use application, Risk I/O makes it easy for organizations to monitor and measure all parts of their environment and their exposure to active attacks.

Doug Davidson, CEO of Jacadis added, “Most breaches are preventable. Attacks come through known holes in a target’s defenses. But vulnerability management, the actions we take to remove and reduce those holes, is hard. From a business perspective we don’t know how to focus our time and treasure. From a technical perspective the task seems daunting with many asking “where do I start?!”. Risk I/O gives us actionable information to help us focus time, treasure and technical effort on those vulnerabilities most likely to be attacked. We are excited to welcome Risk I/O into the family of tools we use to help customers reduce their attack surface and improve their security effectively and efficiently.”

About Risk I/O

Risk I/O is the first software-as-a-service to use external Internet breach and exploit data to monitor, measure, and prioritize vulnerabilities across an enterprise’s environment. Risk I/O does this by connecting to an organization’s vulnerability scanners, processing each vulnerability against known Internet breaches and exploits to see if there is a match. Risk I/O then shows the prioritized list of remediation activities to reduce their security risk. Organizations can use the service to manage and measure all parts of their environment with each part having its own Risk Meter to indicate exposure to active attacks. Risk I/O processes over one billion vulnerabilities against breach data a month for its users. Backed by US Venture Partners, Tugboat Ventures, Costanoa Venture Capital and Hyde Park Angels, Risk I/O is headquartered in Chicago, IL. For more information, visit http://www.risk.io.

About Jacadis

Jacadis, an award-winning provider of strategic information security and privacy solutions, virtual security staffing, and professional services, grew from the concept that being secure creates a competitive advantage. Jacadis helps companies manage the risks of running and growing a business in a threat-filled digital world through the development of long term profitable relationships. 
Jacadis helps clients operationalize their security, privacy and compliance through four services areas:

  • Assess and Measure
  • Build and Deploy
  • Manage and Defend
  • Respond and Recover

These four service areas are delivered either as strategic professional solutions packages, or through end-to-end virtual security staffing.

– See more at: http://www.jacadis.com/blog/risk-io-partners-with-jacadis-strategic-it-security-solutions/#sthash.Hz9xhdeF.dpuf


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