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Many people often ask, "so what does Jacadis mean?" First, we pronounce it JAH-KAY-DIS. Next, it would be helpful to provide some background.

Our founder, Simon Herring, grew up in Europe. While learning French in secondary school, he played a game called "Jacques dit" which means "John Says". The American equivalent is "Simon Says". While it may seem no small matter that Simon would name a company after himself, he actually believes that security is much like the game which is in fact quite simple. All one needs to do is listen, be diligent, and follow the leader to win.

We believe that any organization can significantly reduce their security risks by watching their environments, paying attention and dynamically adjusting based on current business and threat conditions. Often, the changes are simple and easily overlooked such as educating administrators and users, documenting the environment, and frequently reviewing and strengthening systems.

We provide the tools and services that enable you to see where you are vulnerable and likely to be damaged.  This visibility assists you with protecting what’s important, spending in the right place, and promoting a positive security stance to your stakeholders.


Jacadis is specialized information security boutique providing a mix of services and solutions to clients with whom we can build long standing trusted relationships. The company was founded to provide information security solutions for organizations of all sizes with a focus on the big picture. We understand from our customers that as a group they would answer “Why Jacadis” with the following:

As a small independent consultancy, Jacadis maintains the flexibility to do the right thing customer to customer.

Jacadis’ experienced team members draw from past military or management experiences as they stay focused on helping clients with their information security concerns. Repeated work in a variety of industries and across multiple information security disciplines shows through as you speak with our references. Our technical team has deep technical knowledge backed up with recognized certifications. 

Our customers knows our expertise in information security technology tools from past projects. While these tools are important in the protection of information, evidence from the field, from organizations such as Gartner, SANS, CSI and others, is clear that balanced solutions, like those Jacadis’ provides that mix people and process with technology are most effective.

Jacadis’ focus on information security program development and vulnerability management provides the experience to present effective solutions that work. 

We strive to produce effective, professional documentation that is well organized and easy to read. We produce useful, actionable reporting in forms such as spreadsheets that can be useful in our clients’ ongoing efforts to improve rather than relying solely on large documentation sets. 

Finally, our activities, expertise, tools and values combined allow us to work with clients of all sizes and show measurable results as they work to improve their security programs.


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