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CORE IMPACT is the first automated, comprehensive penetration testing product for assessing specific information security threats to an organization. By safely exploiting vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, the product identifies real, tangible risks to information assets while testing the effectiveness of your existing security investments.

With CORE IMPACT, you gain the information you need to mitigate security risks. CORE IMPACT helps you:


preserve your organization's reputation,


maintain network stability and employee productivity, and


ensure compliance with industry and government regulations.

And because CORE IMPACT combines an intuitive interface with straightforward reporting, you don't have to be a security expert to determine how you can optimize your network security.

Prevent security breaches while reducing costs
As a security or network administrator, you can leverage CORE IMPACT to expose attack paths that pose real threats to your organization's information assets - without relying on consultants, hiring information security experts, or devoting resources to tedious manual testing. The product's industry-first Rapid Penetration Test (RPT) capabilities automate the testing process, allowing you to evaluate your entire network in a matter of minutes.

Stay a step ahead of growing threats
CORE IMPACT enables you stay on top of vulnerabilities, even as your infrastructure expands and changes. You can run penetration tests as often as necessary, whether you need to:


test existing or new network infrastructure;


ensure the integrity of security patches;


valuate the impact of system upgrades or modifications; or

bullet generate periodic reports for compliance purposes.

Since the product is updated frequently with new exploits, you can keep your defenses current by replicating attacks that take advantage of the latest vulnerabilities.

Intelligently identify and address vulnerabilities
With CORE IMPACT, you methodically execute real-world networks attacks to gain information about actual, exploitable security threats. By distinguishing critical vulnerabilities from false positives, the product enables you to intelligently plan, prioritize and execute remediation efforts. In addition, its consistent, repeatable testing process helps you evaluate and configure new security applications for optimal network security.

To learn more about Core products, call 614-819-0151 or e-mail info@jacadis.com for additional information.

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