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Qualys provides a comprehensive, on-demand security audit and vulnerability management service for the enterprise. With Qualys, organizations can effectively manage their vulnerabilities and have control over their network security with centralized reports and one-click links to verified remedies.  We’ve been impressed with the level of reporting and the detailed information provided by the Qualys tool set.

QualysGuard is a scalable, affordable Web service designed for companies of every size to audit global networks for vulnerabilities that could compromise business continuity. Delivered over the Internet, QualysGuard employs advanced vulnerability detection techniques, with its proprietary Inference-Based Engine, to assess a network's security exposures and suggest remedies before intruders can take advantage of them.

The service references the most comprehensive and up-to-date vulnerability Knowledgebase that combines vulnerability intelligence from numerous sources, including Qualys partners Security Focus (Bugtraq) and Vigilinx, as well as additional information collected from other sources. Qualys has developed the industry's most comprehensive vulnerability database scanning and identifying vulnerabilities throughout the entire enterprise infrastructure at all levels including network, system, and application levels.

Results from network audits, which can be pre-scheduled or conducted on-demand, are available near instantly via email alerts. Dynamic network topology maps and detailed reports of findings can be accessed from any Web browser. QualysGuard's customizable reporting engine allows enterprises to extract actionable summaries and generate graphical reports with detailed information for security administrators or high-level trend analysis for management. The service is non-intrusive, with no impact on the systems being scanned. 

Too many companies operate without good visibility of the threats and vulnerabilities in their environment.  The Qualys product line fills the gap in helping firms see their vulnerabilities.

To learn more about Qualys products, call 614-819-0151 or e-mail for additional information.
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