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Security management today is a highly dynamic process. It entails constant assessment of how network changes and new threats affect security overall and taking steps to minimize negative impact. This kind of continuous network audit or assessment can be very time consuming and costly. RedSeal Systems has automated proactive security management with a system that is easy to deploy, intuitive to use, and that yields actionable information within hours of installation.

Jacadis can help you assess your network using RedSealís tools, can help you scope the right RedSeal solution for your environment or implement the RedSeal solution that is right for you and help you craft the policies that to effectively use it to help improve your security program.

http://www.redseal.net/images/spacer.gifWith RedSeal, enterprises can:


Increase the security of the network and the efficiency of the IT team


Reduce the time and resources spent on remediation


Produce on demand non repudiable evidence of the network's security posture

RedSeal's SRM 3000 appliance does this by:


Identifying firewall and router configuration errors and deviations from best practices


Graphically showing which systems and hosts are at highest risk of attack

bullet Computing and reporting the risk scores of network elements

Integration of Redseal SRM with QualysGuard gives enterprises the ability to model their network topology, determine what vulnerabilities are present on their network and understand which vulnerable systems can actually be accessed based upon the network traffic filtering policies. All of this information is used to ultimately measure risk for asset groups and prioritize remediation.

Qualys is Jacadisís vulnerabilility management tool of choice.

To learn more about RedSeal products, call 614-819-0151 or e-mail info@jacadis.com for additional information.

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