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RiskWatch risk assessment products fall into two basic categories: Governance, Compliance & Risk Assessment Software and Critical Infrastructure Protection/Physical Security.

Governance, Compliance & Risk
Good corporate governance and new requirements from government agencies mandate organizations to perform security risk assessments, compliance assessments and self-assessments against a variety of standards such as ISO-17799, ISO-27001, FFIEC, GLBA, SOX, BSA, HIPAA and COBIT.  These assessments have common elements including identification of relevant threats, organizational vulnerabilities and analysis of security gaps and recommendation of mitigation strategies.

RiskWatch products such as RiskWatch for Information Systems & ISO-17799, RiskWatch for Financial Institutions and RiskWatch for HIPAA Security all use current standards and requirements as the basis for an easy-to-use software solution that automatically creates web-based or laptop-based surveys that can be sent throughout the organization, and a robust analysis engine that analyzes results, recommends controls by Return on Investment and writes a variety of accurate and comprehensive management reports.

Critical Infrastructure Protection/Physical Security
RiskWatch products such as RiskWatch for Physical & Homeland Security, RiskWatch for University and School Security; and RiskWatch for NERC (Electrical North American Reliability Council) and C-TPAT-Supply Chain perform automated site surveys and incorporate the knowledge of the assessor with observations by individuals working in the organization under review.  They automatically write management reports, complete with graphs and a complement of excel spreadsheets; as well as default threat data, a cost catalog of potential controls, and standards including FEMA 426, military standards, and the C-TPAT requirements.

All RiskWatch software is fully customizable by the user.  It can be tailored to reflect any corporate or government policy, including incorporation of unique standards, incident report data, penetration test data, observation, and country-specific threat data.  Every product includes both information security as well as physical security and each has won more than twenty-five competitive evaluations as the best risk assessment software in the world.  Project plans and a simple workflow make it easy for anyone to create accurate and supportable risk assessments.

CaseWorks allows individual risk assessments and compliance reviews to be aggregated and compared to create organizational benchmarks and measure continual improvement in an organization's security profile.

To learn more about RiskWatch products, call 614-819-0151 or e-mail info@jacadis.com for additional information.

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