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TriGeo Security Information Manager is the #1 real-time security information management appliance that automatically identifies, notifies and responds to network attacks, suspicious behavior and policy violations.

TriGeo is the only SIM solution with hundreds of pre-built correlations, dozens of active responses and providing total network coverage from the perimeter to the endpoint.

With its patent-pending technology, real-time log analysis, event correlation, automatic alerts, and policy-based active response mechanism, TriGeo provides a unique Security Information Management solution and network defense technology.

With TriGeo's ability to satisfy the security monitoring and log management requirements imposed by PCI, GLBA, FDIC, SOX, NUCO, HIPAA and others, TriGeo is both a unique network defense and regulatory compliance solution.

Corporations concerned with protecting critical resources have created sophisticated layered security, or defense-in-depth systems that combine firewalls, IDS, IPS, VPN, anti-virus and other security products. The problem is that these tools generate a tremendous volume of raw data that's difficult to read and impossible to analyze in real-time without automation. There's a reason the state of California took thirty days to discover its systems had been breached, and that's not uncommon.

When seconds count, a reactive approach can be costly. Choose TriGeo. We'll get you there.

To learn more about TriGeo products, call 614-819-0151 or e-mail info@jacadis.com for additional information.

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