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Effective security is a culmination of attitudes, practices, hardware, and software, all working together to protect what is important to the life of the business. Business focused security requires a balance of people, process, and technology.  Failing to assess these aspects creates an incomplete picture and a false sense of security. 

Our assessment process begins the moment you contact us.  We’ll want to know what keeps you up at night.  What’s your biggest fear?  What event could put you out of business or cost you your job?  If you don’t know these answers, we’ll help you find out.  With a tight, accurate scope, we then combine the industry’s top assessment tools with our certified expertise to identify where the weaknesses are.  We then craft recommendations that match your culture, budget, and unique risk-based requirements.  And we’ll follow-up on a quarterly basis, just to make sure you’re making progress.

Depending on your needs and the scope of your assessment, we’ll help you answer questions like:

> Where are my biggest weaknesses?  What should I focus on first?

Is my network designed to resist attack from hostile outsiders or trusted insiders?

> Would our systems detect if an intruder was on our DMZ or internal network?

What would that look like to our security systems?


Where’s our critical data? Who has access and from where?  Is it safe?


Can an intruder gain access to sensitive data through our website?

> How do we measure-up against ISO, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and other requirements?

Since 2001, our process has helped small, medium, and enterprise class organizations answer these questions and protect their company’s most critical assets.   We’ll even teach you to answer these questions yourself.   

No two organizations are the same, but we bring the same level of consistency, professionalism, and expertise to every client we serve.   Call or email us to learn more about our Assessment Services.


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