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As rapidly as we increase our dependence on information the possibility that harm will come to ourselves and our organizations rises from a combination of factors. 


Today’s information technology-centric information security efforts are incomplete, inefficient, ineffective and, often, interfering with our main missions of service and commerce.


Vulnerabilities continue to rise with poor software quality and continued increases in traditional and non-traditional connectivity and data mobility


Incidents are rising amidst the complexity as elements in society have determined that information crime does pay.

In this environment we have learned valuable lessons that suggest that it is no longer defensible to focus all information security efforts on technology solutions alone.

Add to that the reality of regulatory drivers (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, etc.) resulting from government actions to motivate organizations to do the right thing with the information they are responsible to protect and legal drivers which are forcing obligations from contracts, precedent, and market expectations of due diligence.

It is time to stop being technically focused and get your business organized to secure itself.



Organize your information security program using the ISO 27001 Information Security Framework.


Facilitate the development and roll out of an information security policy framework.


Facilitate the creation of information security processes.


Prepare for audits to meet compliance for regulatory reasons (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley), commercial standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) or contractual obligations (service level agreements for specific client obligations or security statements to be used in marketing efforts).


Create security awareness programs to meet regulatory requirements and to insure your staff is a useful tool in your security tool kit.



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