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Do you know where your network and system weaknesses lie? If you rely on an annual or even quarterly scans to measure your system security, then you risk learning of a security hole when itís already too late. Jacadis works with clients to plan, design, and integrate vulnerability management solutions. Our security expertise and integration processes will allow you to answer these questions with confidence, on-demand:

> What systems have holes and must be fixed?

Where are the vulnerabilities in our web, database, file server, and network devices?

> Are we compliant with Industry regulations?

Are security safeguards functioning as they should?


Are we resolving weaknesses in a timely manner?


Are we meeting contractual obligations?

> Are critical systems or devices being attacked Ė right now?  How would we know?

If you cannot answer these questions in-house, someone else will.

Prevent, Detect Respond

Itís our passion to see you succeed, to stand-up against industry standards and contractual obligations.  If youíre tired of the panic that precedes an audit and the finger-pointing that follows it, we have the vulnerability management expertise that will break the cycle.

Weíve helped organizations of all sizes choose cost-effective safeguards, deploy them, and educate staff on their use.  We then wrap industry proven solutions around the environment that let you measure their effectiveness and detect when violations occur. 

Let us show you how to do it before someone proves you arenít.


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